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Asset Management Specialist

Best practices in asset management are a guarantee of profitability, staff retention and productivity. Whatever your priorities, all efforts will be profitable.

Management Consulting

The implementation of good practices in asset management supports decision-making. Here are some fondamentals to put in place:

  • Develop an asset management policy and strategic plan
  • Optimize operations by eliminating waste
  • Prepare your teams to change by involving them in improvement workshops
  • Analyze services contracts, maintenance quotes and public private partnership (PPP) contracts

Investment planning is crucial to anticipate needs and forecast financial resources:

  • Asset Maintenance Master Plan
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Technical inspection
  • Involvement of your teams

Maintenance management is a source of improvement and profit.

  • Start maintenance 4.0 (IoT)
    Process optimization
  • Integrate Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Implement preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Increase equipment reliability
  • Training for managers
  • Technical inspection
  • Technical training
  • Laws, regulations and standards
  • Asset management
  • All countries


Asset management is very similar from one business sector to another. This is why the management bases are the same and the specificity of each sector is expressed in the detail of the work, that is to say your expertise.



Expertise and Services

The increasingly varied expertise and the over-specialization of resources are becoming imperative and restrictive. COSGIA's business model is based on matching the right resource with the client's needs. This orientation guides all interventions in a company to achieve perfect quality of deliverables, in line with the objectives. What results is a panoply of business partners who can come together to carry out complex mandates which are framed by a structured and transparent project management.

The manager: Christian Martin, ing.

Holder of a graduate diploma in innovation management, a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering with a specialization in buildings and a college diploma in maintenance analysis, Mr. Martin works in the field of management assets for 25 years.

Mr. Martin advises many managers to define the objectives of the technical departments in line with the strategic orientations of the company. He performs asset management diagnostics in accordance with international standards and prepares / executes the resulting improvement plans.

He supports those involved in maintenance, to improve performance, mobilize teams, make equipment more reliable, review processes, manage change, implement maintenance management software and advance organizations towards continuous improvement and reliability. .

Mr. Martin also acts in asset maintenance in the development of risk-prioritized investment plans and in life cycle analysis to integrate maintenance and investment approaches.

He trains the next generation at the École de Technologie Supérieure, as a lecturer and business trainer.

Asset life cycle

Optimization of the life cycle and financial modalization.

Realization of investment plans, asset maintenance master plan (PDMA). More than 100 shots made.

Revision of applicable standards and forecast of increased costs (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, management, air quality, and others). Specialized in building and in the health sector.

Implementation of the life cycle in a computerized tool that can simply start with a spreadsheet to achieve integrated management in maintenance management software or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). More than 100 shots made.


Diagnostics of all asset management activities or by specific portions in accordance with ISO55000, PAS55 and IIMM standards. More than ten shots made.

To guide decisions, this tool is everything for all managers wishing to increase the level of maturity in asset management.

Maintenance management software

The implementation of maintenance management software is an important project and the decisions taken during the implementation are crucial, because they determine the profitability of the investment.

Judicious choices make it possible to reach higher levels of maturity in the use of the software. Support in these strategic choices is an added value that avoids repeating this important change. More than 40 implantations carried out.

Predictive maintenance

4.0 technology opens up many possibilities for monitoring your assets continuously or on a diagnostic basis. The integration of technologies with your management tools makes it possible to simplify the increasingly complex management of assets. Whether this complexity comes from technological additions, asset replacements with more efficient assets or the increase in monitoring and “reporting” needs, integration remains the key to success.

Predictive maintenance reduces preventative maintenance and spare parts.

Vision, mission et values

Mission : Support companies and organizations, medium and large capitalizations, with an integrated and standardized asset management approach.

Value : Each client is unique and the adaptability of our competent resources supports this essential.

Vision: The growing complexity of assets, in terms of number, technology and connectivity, will be mastered by an adaptables and easy-to-use asset management systems.


COSGIA company is not associated with any software publisher to offer a support service based on all the technical, administrative and technical activities required for asset management.

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